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Our AI thinks up anime story ideas and draws new waifu characters. These anime plots and waifu images do not exist in real life, they are computer generated. Note: Some anime stories may be inappropriate for children.

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- A female character wearing a skirt with her hands over her eyes (also called that 'nigga' of women) is in some kind of a trance state. She is talking with her head on the edge of some small object in front of her view. She gets the feeling that she is experiencing an altered state. In a more general sense, this means she is in a different state. - One of the characters, in this case, is called 'Uchiha' (Japanese: 部川). She is also the daughter of a deceased nobleman, and has become a member of the Kujuu Majutsu Society. In other words, this was the same person who fought the Uchiha in the 'Battle of the Three Rivers'. - A man with a black hair and a beard looks very interesting in the eyes, and there have been reports that his facial hair can also be seen in his eyes, which is certainly no coincidence. - There is a guy who looks quite strange in the eyes. He appears from somewhere that is much farther away from his father (or" ...

Note: All computer generated anime images courtesy of Gwern

The anime stories on this page are generated using the GPT-2 transformer-based language model, which was developed by OpenAI. It was trained on the text from 8 million web pages, to predict the next word when given some starting text. This is similar to how your mobile device has an autocomplete feature that predicts what you are about to type.

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