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Our AI thinks up anime story ideas and draws new waifu characters. These anime plots and waifu images do not exist in real life, they are computer generated. Note: Some anime stories may be inappropriate for children.

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A fantasy based world where monsters are created. A world where all the humans that live in the world are monsters. A world where humans are defeated but still keep the world alive with the help of evil monsters. A world where humans are given magical powers. A world where the humans are given power that is used to solve problems or achieve good. A world where monsters come to live in this world together. They are the ones who are allowed to do such things. They are the ones who are allowed to have magic powers. They are the ones who gain the power to create the monsters who live in the world. So I thought of something similar, but this time it is different. I said to myself, 'what if you have a monster that is able to transform into this powerful person, and how can you do that?' Well it has to be something big. It will take a while for all of us to get that much done, but when we get there, we will definitely be able to do it. The way I think" ...

Note: All computer generated anime images courtesy of Gwern

The anime stories on this page are generated using the GPT-2 transformer-based language model, which was developed by OpenAI. It was trained on the text from 8 million web pages, to predict the next word when given some starting text. This is similar to how your mobile device has an autocomplete feature that predicts what you are about to type.

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