Our AI was trained on thousands of apes to learn how to create new apes. These are not Bored Apes (a famous collection of NFTs), they are computer generated apes based on Bored Apes.


These apes are genreated using a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), where two neural networks compete with each other in a game. One NN creates fake apes and the other NN acts as a critic and tries to figure out which apes are real and which aren't. Through this process, the ape creating NN gets better and better over time at producing fakes.

We created 50 fun artificial intelligence (AI) pages you can use for free:

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Most machine learning programs run locally on a data scientist's PC or server, in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java, and are not made to be accessed via a web page. We created specifically to showcase AI to the general public over the Internet.

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Our BoredHumans Apes were created using the following open source program: LightWeight GAN using the MIT License. Prior to training, the original ape images were modified using Elastic Deform so their style would be different than the original Bored Apes.