Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) For Free

We will create a machine learning model for you for free. No data scientist or programmer needed, you don't even need to know anything about how it all works. Just send us your data and we will turn it into an AI model that makes the predictions you need. For the past 7 years, we have been developing an automated machine learning program (generally known as "AutoML") to make it so anybody can easily create their own AI model. It is something we use internally for our own ML projects, but we are not ready to release it to the public yet. It involves running intensive computations on our server and if we give people access directly, it could easily overload our server or cause it to crash due to unexpected data errors. We do want to test our programming as much as possible though, so email us at with info about your project and we will help you with it for free.

You can see more details about how our AutoML program works on our demo site at It handles all types of data science projects such as Tabular Data (numbers), Time Series (like sales forecasts), Object Detection (figuring out what is in an image), and Image Classification (is it a dog or cat?). What we offer is similar to Amazon Sagemaker and Google Cloud AutoML so you should look at those also. Google and Amazon's AutoML programs are great but are very hard to use if you are not a data scientist.

Another important part of all of this is that many AutoML services focus on providing a sophisticated user interface, but our goal instead is to create a model with the highest possible accuracy, using advanced machine learning techniques such as ensembles, evolutionary algorithms, neural architecture search, and genetic programming. For us, accuracy is the number one goal, because we do things like entering machine learning competitions, predicting stock/crypto prices and winners of sporting events, and building models for To get started, email us at with info about your project.

We created 50 fun artificial intelligence (AI) pages you can use for free:

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Most machine learning programs run locally on a data scientist's PC or server, in programming languages such as Python, C++, or Java, and are not made to be accessed via a web page. We created specifically to showcase AI to the general public over the Internet.

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