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Business Idea #250
My business idea is "The Fruits of the Loom." You see, I made this idea to get you the Fruits of the Loom. So I made some Fruits of the Loom, some Fruits of The Loom, and some Fruits of the Loom to make a fruit with the name "The Fruit of the Loom." Now, to prove it would be a complete lie. You would have to eat a lot of fruit, which I think would be quite excessive to make in a single day. I have made this fruit every day for about a year. I can get you about ten times that if you put something in your drink and give it to someone. That will give you 100% of all the Fruits of the Loom. So, you can buy five Fruits. But of course I am making these Fruits of The Loom at a very high price. I am going to take this fruit as a personal gift and I will deliver it to you, right now.

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