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Business Idea #556
My business idea is for an app named "Scary Stories" - this one has to do with you! I had a dream recently about how to take your phone from your computer and put it in a box. A simple phone would be a nice place to store all your photos, videos, and more - just like a laptop, but with a screen. So I decided to create a photo album. I could easily store any folder or video I had in my camera, so I chose to stick the photos in my camera's folder, and then start using it. (This is what I call a "scariest" app.) What you see is pretty amazing: * The photos in my album are in all the best colors. As soon as I opened them up, they were super-dark. * My idea was to use 3D printing, and to cut out the middleman and make a 3D printed box. * I got this idea from my friend in a friend's house. He wanted one that could be used anywhere, since he would need to hold it on two hands, and would use it for stuff like...

Content Warning: some of these ideas for a business may not be appropriate for kids.

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