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We use AI to generate secret confessions. To be clear, the confessions below are not real, they are written by a computer:

Confession #1961
I have been losing weight and have lots of it. i dont even like to drink. it is depressing becuase there isnt really any harm in drinking.

Confession #1274
I've always hated my family's made-up dishes. I always think about how just getting enough of them, they'll make me feel better about myself. But now I realize how much work and hardship I've put my heart and soul into. I'm just going crazy.

Confession #2127
But like all other emotions, one that I've grown up with, I've grown to love. Love is power. Love is life. Love is complete chaos. I'm your boss. You've ruined my day already, I will never be able to repay. I'm your servant. I'll never be able to repay you for your hard work. I'll never be able to pay you back but you live a simple life.

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