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We use AI to generate secret confessions. To be clear, the confessions below are not real, they are written by a computer:

Confession #1297
Most of the first batch of my photos I took at the time were taken by someone I know, because they were my friends. I never knew where I would end up on my very first, but I remember vividly having my roommate go away to a party with my family.

Confession #594
I am the most horrible person in the world.

Confession #2077
After my mother left me, I was with my sister and I wanted to live a separate life. I could not because of the fact that I was an immigrant. I am not ashamed of that. Because I wanted to know the truth. I have been through life, I grew up a Muslim, I have been in a relationship with my mother, I love my brothers. I have been here for 15 years. I cannot be ashamed. Those of you who cannot hear, those of you who can hear, I hear you very carefully: that's I, that is not me. It's not like any of you know that I am really afraid of what this country will do and this world will turn into. I am scared because I know that this world will not be safe for me. It will be destroyed. It will be nothingness. People will burn my family down and that is dangerous.

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