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We use AI to generate secret confessions. To be clear, the confessions below are not real, they are written by a computer:

Confession #682
You may be my mother or my father but you drive me crazy. Everything else is falling apart. Everything. I'm getting married but it will be in a few months.

Confession #441
You may be my mother, I live my life doing everything myself. I dance school and work and anything else to look beautiful. I am an ugly, hotticentric, conformist, and whatever the hell I am. I sit here with my two friends and our faces are puffy and bloody. I cry. I scream that I am going to the doctor because my eyes are puffy and red. The other day I happened to walk by his window and spray painted him. I spray painted his FAIRY FACE. I scream that I am going to get him a framed picture so he can look at it and I will tell him right before my illness strikes. I want to see him when it hurts and I want him to be happy. I want to be his friend. I want to be like him. I want to be around him. I want to be there when he is finished being ill. I dont even know what to do about my. I cant get him to stop. I cant do this. I feel like im being pushy. at times it makes me sad, but i love him.

Confession #759
Because of my family, I make terrible decisions about myself and about my family.

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