Crazy Images

None of these images are real, they were created using AI:

Babies Skydiving

Toddlers Playing In A Volcano

Celebs Wearing Their Last Name

Bill Gates

Harrison Ford

Kristen Bell

Nicholas Cage

Stephen King

Tiger Woods

Tony Hawk

Britney Spears

Emma Stone

Halle Berry

The Rock

Bruno Mars

Impossible Animals

Bataroo = Bat + Kangaroo

Condorca = Condor + Orca

Cowl = Cow + Owl

Frooster = Frog + Rooster

Geckobat = Gecko + Bat

Gironky = Giraffe + Donkey

Libull = Lion + Bull

Lobstird = Lobster + Bird

PigPen = Pig + Penguin

Snale = SnowLeopard + Whale

Snark = Snake + Shark

Spidog = Spider + Dog

Tigerfish = Tiger + Fish

Wolfagle = Wolf + Eagle

Zebrasaur = Zebra + Dinosaur

All images on this page were made by using MidJourney V5. No Photoshop or editing was used, everything was AI-generated from text prompts. Babies Skydiving and Toddlers Playing In A Volcano were inspired by the work of GarryWalkerNFTArtist. Impossible Animals was inspired by the postings of Macilento. Celebrities Wearing Their Last Name was inspired by Ozdemirburak.

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