Darwin's Evolution
A demo of a genetic algorithm, as it learns to find food

The demo above is an example of a genetic algorithm, where the creatures start off by randomly searching for food but soon evolves to learn better ways of finding it. The weak creatures are killed off to make room for the smarter ones. Darwin called this "survival of the fittest" (he was not the first to use this phrase though) in his book On the Origin of Species, using it to describe the process of natural selection.

Each generation starts off with 5000 creatures and ends when they all die. Here's some facts about the creatures: They mate asexually. When reproducing, the offspring can appear on any of the four spaces around the parent, top, right, bottom, or left. Offspring have a copy of their parent's DNA, with a %1 chance of a random mutation. Creatures who do not eat after 25 turns (2.5 seconds) die of starvation. Creatures have a maximum lifespan (10 seconds), can eat any other individuals (in accordance with their DNA), and have a size (0 - 5, inclusive). Creatures can only eat other creatures that are smaller than them.

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