Happy Moments

We trained our AI on a list of over 100,000 things that make people happy, so it would generate totally new happy moments. This is what the AI thinks would make a human happy:

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The happy moments on this page are generated using machine learning, which is a type of artifical intelligence. Specifically, a pre-trained language model (GPT-2) is used to predict the next words that are output, similar to how autocomplete works on your phone. By giving it additional training on human happy moments, we are able to have it create new, computer-written happy moments.

We created 50 fun artificial intelligence (AI) pages you can use for free:

  • Coming Soon - BoredGPT - Like ChatGPT, but more acurate and more powerful.
  • Coming Soon - Life Simulator Game - Set in a cold and unforgiving cyberpunk world where anything is possible.
  • Coming Soon - Rock Paper Scissors - Use the camera on your phone or PC to play against the AI.
  • Coming Soon - AI Stock Market Predictions - We use machine learning to predict the prices of stocks and crypto coins.
  • Coming Soon - Tarot Card Readings - Find out your future using AI.
  • Coming Soon - Text Adventure Game - Interactive fiction written by AI.
  • Coming Soon - Guess the Jellybeans - Can you guess better than our AI how many jelly beans are in the jar?

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