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We use AI to come up with ideas for new inventions. To be clear, the inventions below are not real, they are computer generated:

Invention #484
My invention is named the "Powling" that is being used on our bed frame that is being used on other mattress, pillow, and other products. The Powling is a pillow that is placed inside a bed frame or cover area in the sleep zone (called a "sleep zone") for the purpose of sleeping and relieving various physiological conditions. It is generally referred to as a "sleep ring" because the pillow has a very small space in the pillow which it is placed on by pressing the pillow against the bottom of the pillow, making it easily accessible. What Is "Sleep Ring"? A "sleep ring" is in fact a piece of electronic insulation (not to be confused with a pillow liner) that allows sleep to pass between the two pillow layers. It is the same material as that used to make pillow liners, sheets and other products in your home. The Powling is also called a "spine" because it is placed on the underside of the bed frame or cover area, which are also called pillow beds. You can see that the pillow is made from the same material as...

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