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We use AI to come up with ideas for new inventions. To be clear, the inventions below are not real, they are computer generated:

Invention #387
My invention is named the "Slicers", which was used to create a rubber-based material for a "soft" type of motor. This new patent is the beginning of the end of my patent-free life. I just need to do a bit of research on what type of motor I have. I will also be making more improvements to my patent system, but you should be able to see my progress in a few months. The purpose of my invention was to create a soft type of motor that would be able to operate on a "hard" type of motor. The soft Type of Motor was developed to conform to the new principles of "micro-structure". The Soft Type of Motor is an object which has the characteristic of having a rigid configuration at its base. The Soft Type of Motor can be made to bend and twist by a torque, but it can have a high energy content (energy) on the base which can be converted into heat, thus enabling it to be used in very low energy forms. A motor with the capability to operate on a "hard" type of motor is a motor...

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