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We use AI to come up with ideas for new inventions. To be clear, the inventions below are not real, they are computer generated:

Invention #145
My invention is named "Light Body". This invention makes an "light body" able to generate light from its light source, which can be achieved by using a high quality light source. What Is The Light Body? Light is a type of electromagnetic light that travels through the electromagnetic spectrum. It is emitted by the earth's surface. The light passes through the earth's surface, leaving behind nothing but a tiny white or white dot. Light is used to control light beams and light transceivers. The new invention has to do with light that is reflected from the sun and is called "rechargeable energy", which is a type of rechargeable energy. A rechargeable energy is used to create a static voltage that makes the system of light energy flow in such a way that it can be used at a high rate. The new device can be powered by a "high quality source" that could be used to generate the same or an even higher rate of power. The light body could then be used to create continuous power from the light source, such as in a microwave. What is the Technology That Is Different From What...

Content Warning: some of these invention ideas may not be appropriate for children.

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