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We use AI to come up with ideas for new inventions. To be clear, the inventions below are not real, they are computer generated:

Invention #632
My invention is named PILOT. That is the same PILOT patent that I submitted to the inventor, as a "new and improved use device." That patent is entitled "PILOT-C". It is written in the language of a medical device and a scientific device. PILOT-C is defined as "a device which shall be made using liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen and which shall provide for one or more functions which shall have benefits of such device such as cooling, cooling, or curing. It shall also include the operation of a temperature controlled valve, system for the storage and transportation of solid, compressed and vaporized gases, and a refrigerant system." PILOT-C is described as having three components: (i) its primary component, a temperature controlled valve or system; (ii) the secondary component, which is used by a heating device to transfer liquid nitrogen and helium, and which includes the liquid nitrogen and helium mixture; And (iii) the liquid nitrogen and helium mixture, including its cooling component and a refrigerant system. For purposes of this invention, the term "temperature controlled valve" is...

Content Warning: some of these invention ideas may not be appropriate for children.

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