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Invention #965
My invention is named "Conductive Polymer," which allows me to make a metal electrode without damaging my body, as well as some other uses. In the last five years, I've made more than 100 electrode-shaped electrodes, most of which are sold in plastic bags, jars, hand bags, in capsule containers, or by the millions of small bags sold at retail. I use the same technique for my own devices, all in the name of "electrolyte design" and so can make it look so easy. In fact, I use various types of electrodes in many of my devices, ranging from tiny small glass tubes to tiny, heavy-duty electrodes. I'm also happy to use metal electrodes for my devices because they are more durable than anything. It's a cheap product and it works great, whether you're making electrodes for the car, for your home, for your car washing machine, or for even simply for the electronics in your car. I've also used it to make a plastic electrode and a few other devices over the years; the materials I chose to use are mostly polymers, so I'm pleased...

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