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We trained our AI on over 200,000 internet memes so it could learn to create new ones. The following meme ideas are computer generated:

*** Warning: These memes may be inappropriate for kids ***

Meme #1440
The meme depicts a bird that is actually a water bird. What is a 'pizza cone'? A chicken's pie is a 'hot rod'. How does a chicken's pie look when it is served with a steak What If I TOLD you?

Meme #567
The meme depicts a white person who takes everything into his own hands and does nothing but live and be productive.

Meme #62
The meme depicts Trump Jr. as a 'white supremacist' who is really 'Trump Jr.' this is a great meme i am in a 'fortnite' race What’s this? A new ad from the NRA I want a new toy for christmas! How bout one new toy for christmas?

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