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We will automatically create a music video for your song that you can post on YouTube, Facebook, or any social media account. We offer this service for free to attract visitors to our site ( Each music video is created using video clips from our stock footage library, and is unique (not the same as others we create). The only requirement is that you must legally own the rights to the song (it must be a song you or your band wrote, and no cover versions). Also, you can post the full music video wherever you want, but you may not use the individual video clips contained in it for any other projects as that would violate the license requirements of our stock footage provider (

Here's an example music video we generated:
The Wonder Years

Songs that are dark/depressing may instead look better using our "sad" footage library, because happy and pretty images don't go well with the lyrics. Here's an example "sad" video we created:
I Am Broken

To make a video for your song, email us at with the following info:
1. A link to your mp3 file (or send it as a file attachment if needed).
2. The info you want to show in the intro, such as the name of the song and the singer/band name, songwriter name, etc.

A day or two later we will email you back with a link to the music video. We will not permanently host the video for you, you must download it and then post it somewhere (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) to host it. Also, although we have the ability to allow musicians to automatically create their music video by submitting the mp3 file online, we don't offer that due to potential copyright issues. We worry people will submit songs that are not theirs (from the radio, YouTube, Spotify, etc.) and that could make us legally liable by temporarily having the song on our server and also by providing the video footage for it.

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