Doctor Who Episode Generator

We trained our AI to write new episodes by having it learn from over 500 real Doctor Who shows. Step into the TARDIS and time travel to these future episodes:

Doctor Who Episode #1760
The Doctor realises that Hedgewick will pay for the ship with his missing crew, so he and Martha take John to Paradise Towers. There they try to induct Davros into the royal family, but Martha is assassinated when Davros is not around.

Doctor Who Episode #1676
In his latest issue, Steven Moffat reveals why he thinks the Doctor is a better man than he actually is. He tells of how the Time Lord grew up poor and warms his bedroom to music by The Beatles. He tells of how he and his grandfather fought in World War Two against Cold War concerns about the Doctor's ability to home in on the past and the future of his grandfathers and great-grandfather. He tells of how he and his grandmother's closet was discovered by Captain Cook after it was reported missing. He tells of how his grandfather died alone, and that his body was left behind in the cellar.

Doctor Who Episode #2001
On a beautiful spring afternoon in 1917, the village of Kembel is under attack from Nazi troops. There are people and things seem to be coming off the trees - rocket powered dinosaurs. Some elderly women are coming to Kembel for help, but find they have been kidnapped by the aliens. Old women and children are in total rebellion as the Doctor and his young side up against an elderly AI that is controlled by an old woman and her damaged body. With the help of old men like Gwyneth, Ada Lovelace and Hosea Khan, the Doctor begins to turn the tide of the war. He comes up against an enemy that has invaded and is controlling the earth. The Doctor must face his greatest challenge yet when an alliance of aliens and the power of Ada Lovelace comes into existence.

Content Warning: Some of the episodes generated by our AI may be inappropriate for children.

Show History: Doctor Who is a British scifi program that has been on the air since 1963. "the Doctor" is a rogue Time Lord who explores the universe in the TARDIS, a time-travelling space ship that looks like a blue British police box.

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