Family Guy Show Generator

To create plots for new Family Guy episodes, we trained an artificial intelligence program on over 300 real Family Guy shows. The plots below are what it came up with:

Family Guy Episode #612
Stewie used cellular telephones to avoid detection as a redneck, resulting in Stewie's eventually capturing Brian's eye-popping sumsdoodle.

Family Guy Episode #931
Angered over Peter's incessant jealousy, Peter argues that the entire family is crazy for being so easily swayed, so when the competition against him finally begins, Peter and Lois of course Andrew, Sheila and Jerome take matters into their own hands.

Family Guy Episode #797
Profound intolerance for other people's religion teaches Peter to set up bar one on Earth called Gronkowski's, and to bring it back around to Jake's home after it's been deserted for 20 years. Meanwhile, Stewie goes back in time to save Stewie from Star Wars Episode C - "Bag His Trash. " - A cliche Darth Vader used to apply to all Death Trophies; otherwise, the Griffins were Clan Wars friends.

Content Warning: We do not have full control over the the output of the AI, so some of the episodes generated may be inappropriate for children.

Show History: Family Guy is a dark, sick, and politically incorrect animated comedy set in fictional Quahog, Rhode Island, that premiered on Fox in 1999. It was created by Seth MacFarlane and follows the adventures of the Griffin family: Peter, Lois, Stewie, Meg, Chris, and their dog Brian.

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