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We trained an AI on real episodes of Game of Thrones so it could learn to create new ones. These episodes of Game of Thrones are automatically generated by a computer and do not really exist:

Game of Thrones Episode #293
Jon and Sansa are on duty on top of the Wall. Ygritte wants to be the one who kills Jon Snow. Theon is assigned to protect the Wall by his mother but his father changes his mind in the middle of the fighting. Melisandre brings Jon Snow to The Wall to celebrate his victory. Stannis and his army head to the North to fight against the Boltons. Brienne and Podrick reach Jaime and Bronn. Brienne makes an offer to Jaime to get him, Sansa and the others off the island.

Game of Thrones Episode #660
Lord Stark arrives at Winterfell to welcome King Robert into his family. He tells Bran that he is Robert's son that was raised by his father but he later learned that his mother was illegitimate and was manipulated by the high Sparrow to have been his spy. When presented with the evidence, Ned takes no decisions and is not given a second chance until the very end.

Game of Thrones Episode #601
The Night King reanimates Viserion, making the dragon a part of his army. Meanwhile, the Wildlings continue to raid northern villages. The Wall is breached, destroying much of the city. Lysa Arryn is murdered, some of her men joining the Night's Watch. The Wildlings attack, killing many of Tyrion's men. Winter is upon them and they are attacked in the night but come away unscathed. The battle between the Night's Watch and the wildlings has come.

Content Warning: We do not have full control over the the output of the AI, so some of the episodes generated may be inappropriate for children.

Show History: Game of Thrones is an HBO medieval fantasy series that ran from 2011-2019, set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. Adapted from the first book in George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series "A Song of Ice and Fire", it depicts the voilent struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

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