Star Trek Episode Generator

To create new plots for Star Trek, we trained an AI on hundreds of real episodes. To be clear, these Star Trek episodes automatically generated by a computer, they are not real:

Star Trek Episode #322
The Enterprise is transporting its first emissary from Earth and her first emissary from the Farpoint colonies; Emissary Bates, who was appointed emissary shortly after the Battle of the Alamo, but transferred to the Enterprise shortly after as part of the peace treaty with the Farpoint peoples. While traveling to Farpoint, Massachusetts, Commander Tucker finds himself detained by Governor Dax who protests that he has the jurisdiction to grant a military presence. On the Enterprise, Emissary Bates finds herself sitting in judgment with her husband Jameson, as her government has refused to give her the proper education, after witnessing an abomination performed by a God who created them.

Star Trek Episode #945
The Enterprise is unwittingly used to present the scientific record to a grandparent who presides over her child's earthly life through a small but important ceremony.

Star Trek Episode #779
The Enterprise is transporting the last survivors of a race that has been conquered by the same species twice over: the first time by the same creature and the other time by a human-shaped prison. When the two encounters falling in love, the crew on the Enterprise realizes that they were once the same size. They must all try to return home to avoid fate finding out and putting them down.

Content Warning: We do not have full control over the the output of the AI, so some of the episodes generated may be inappropriate for children.

Show History: Star Trek chronicled the voyages of Captain Kirk and the starship USS Enterprise on its five-year mission "to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before". It ran for 3 seasons from 1966-1969, and led to over a dozen feature films and many successful TV spinoffs inlcuding Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, and Picard.

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