The Simpson Episode Generator

We trained our AI to write new episodes of The Simpsons by having it analyze over 600 existing episodes. This is what the computer came up with:

The Simpson Episode #2206
Springfield is hit by a massive tree-ruining accident, so Homer becomes a proper lumberjack.

The Simpson Episode #1175
Homer starts a fracking operation, and Marge takes in the family as part of the operation. However, the family falls into irrelevance as well because of the extremely high costs of fracking. Homer tries to get Marge to help him, but she refuses. Homer goes into labor, and Marge takes him to an oilfield property. Marge takes him in and Homer fails to rescue him.Guest star: Bob Newhart, Phil Hartman.

The Simpson Episode #1600
Lisa's new friend, Sideshow Bob, is back in Springfield, and he is even scarier than before to see. Meanwhile, Homer tries to keep Marge from skipping a soccer game and gets arrested for drunk driving.

Content Warning: Some of the episodes generated by our AI may be inappropriate for children.

Show History: The Simpsons is an animated sitcom that premiered on Fox in 1987 as a series of shorts that were part of the The Tracey Ullman Show. The Simpsons (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie) are a working class family living in the fictional town of Springfield, and many of the episodes parody/satirize American culture.

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