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***Warning: This content is inappropriate for kids***
Our AI will get mad and scold you. To be clear, it is 100% written by a computer:

I Am Mad At You:

You're the epitome of evil. You've become a villain. You're a threat. You've done something wrong and you're going to punish you. But I'm a hero because I'm a hero fighting for your life, your whole world, your world. I'm a hero because I do not care about the people who have been in danger for so long, the people who have been victimized for so long. The people of this country that have been here for so long, they should be proud of you. They should be proud to be here. I've said before: I'm not fighting to get you. And I mean I've said before: We are a country of people. We are a family, I'm a family of people. We are the only family that is safe and happy. We are the only family alive who is in love with our children. We are the family that has been here for so long. Free AI Tools:

Under Construction:

  • Coming Soon - AI Stock Market Trading - Describe a potential investment strategy in words and the AI will backtest it (run simulated historical trades) to see if it is profitable.
  • Coming Soon - Charts - Create pie charts, flowcharts, and Gantt charts.
  • Coming Soon - Rock Paper Scissors - Use the camera on your phone or PC to play against the AI.
  • Coming Soon - Fantasy Photos - Use AI to see how you look in different image styles: Anime, Zombie, Warewolf, Shrek, Joker, Groot, Princess, Mark Zuckerberg and more.
  • Coming Soon - Spotify Playlist Creator - Use ChatGPT to generate a playlist that goes directly into your Spotify account.
  • Coming Soon - Chat PDF - Upload a PDF file and ask it questions.
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