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No programming required, everything runs remotely in the cloud. We are currently offering them for free to users. For more info email [email protected]

Be aware that there are lots of companies offering automated customer service chatbots in the $10/month-$20/month range, but they don't use AI (ChatGPT) at that price level. Instead, you input all the info (such as your FAQ page or Knowledge Base) and the chatbot shows the customer the relevant details. But it is not "smart" like AI is; it does not talk to you like a human would. So we make it simple for you to use an AI-powered chatbot on your site. We also can offer more advanced bots that work across all channels (Text, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, App, Telegram, etc.), accept payments, upsell and cross-sell, generate sales leads, handle debt collection, and integrate with call center software (for Voicebots, IVR, inbound/outbound marketing).

Although is not the type of site that really needs a chatbot, you can click the chatbot icon on the bottom right of this page to test our chatbot.

Also, if you would rather use humans for live chat, try Smith AI. Use coupon code IMPULSE100 to get $100 off your first month. They have live agents answering the chats (and phone calls), but use AI to automate as much as possible, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. You can start with a plan with no setup fees or monthly fees, where you pay only for each live agent chat session that your site uses. Free AI Tools:

Under Construction:

  • Coming Soon - AI Stock Market Trading - Describe a potential investment strategy in words and the AI will backtest it (run simulated historical trades) to see if it is profitable.
  • Coming Soon - Charts - Create pie charts, flowcharts, and Gantt charts.
  • Coming Soon - Rock Paper Scissors - Use the camera on your phone or PC to play against the AI.
  • Coming Soon - Fantasy Photos - Use AI to see how you look in different image styles: Anime, Zombie, Warewolf, Shrek, Joker, Groot, Princess, Mark Zuckerberg and more.
  • Coming Soon - Spotify Playlist Creator - Use ChatGPT to generate a playlist that goes directly into your Spotify account.
  • Coming Soon - Chat PDF - Upload a PDF file and ask it questions.
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